Our Services
We know printing can be complicated, especially when you care about the quality of your images. Our professionals apply a set of advanced techniques to prepare your files for printing. We ensure that after your approval, your creative designs print exactly the way you envisioned, allowing for lower printing costs and faster time-to-market.

Color Correction, Retouching, Swatch Matching, File Assembly & Clipping Paths

Our team of talented graphic artists can improve the quality of your images. Our eye for color accuracy and retouching skills will ensure your ad campaigns, direct mail or catalog looks exactly the way you envisioned.

Graphic and Website Design, Website Development, Photography and Marketing

Marketing has evolved into an integrated part of our field. Our team is constantly putting their heads together to increase potential sale opportunities and achieve a competitive advantage. Our professionals can help you create or re-design your brand identity with visual presentations, prototypes, brochures, marketing materials, websites, etc.

Posters and Banners, Window and Wall Graphics, Floor Decals, Menu Displays and Point of Purchase

Digital Printing, Personalized Printing, Digital Halftone Proofing, On-Demand Printing, Mock-up Packaging and Pop-Up Books

We understand that visual interest intrigues and captivates a buyer; with that said, quality of digital printing is necessary.

Halftone Proofing

We also provide you with Digital Halftone Proofing which consists of Digital Kodak Approval, Epson halftone systems and high end Star Proof color management software. Star Proof system is certified by major publishing houses throughout the country and is more cost efficient compared to conventional proofing.


Lauderdale Graphics created a new process called Newsmatch™, which was developed to improve the image for printing saturated color or halftones on lower-grade stock paper and the printed result is as good as better grade paper. We have worked with newspaper publications such as USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Houston Chronicle and The Miami Herald to develop and test this process.